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Maid services are on demand professional cleaning services. They may be hired as and when there is a cleaning emergency. They are handy services to call upon when your house is particularly messy and you do not have the time to clean it up e.g. like after hosting a party and you would your house to cleaned-up quickly. In Washington D.C  Some home cleaning services will come to your rescue at any time be it day or night.

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Maid services offer professional cleaning services which can be fitted into your busy schedule. Busy executives can hire them to clean their homes or even offices on a regular basis as per the demands of their busy lives. The contracts can be daily, weekly or several times a week, monthly or yearly. They can even clean your house when you are away on a business trip or holiday. The contracts are not written in stone, if you find that you are not happy with a particular maid service you can always opt for another one.

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In Washington D.C Finding a maid service is not that difficult, word of mouth is one way to land a reliable one as they will come with recommendations that you can trust, if this doesn’t work for you then you can look for listings in your local newspaper or in the phone book. If none is listed in your area you can always place an ad in the newspaper requesting for cleaning services. Remember to always ask for references, these are complete strangers you are inviting to your home so it is necessary to take all precautions.

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I know your time is valuable and it is getting to the point now that you cannot afford not to have a cleaning service. The big question is what is worth an hour and are you better served with a cleaning company.

So, how do you choose one? Great question! Here are six steps that will help you decide!

1. Decide and then write down what house cleaning you want done in your home by the house cleaning service you will eventually hire. Write down which rooms you want cleaned, what items or furniture you want cleaned, like laundry, floors, carpets, ceilings, dishes. You can do things like change the linens on the bed...etc... There is a big difference between commercial cleaning and maid cleaning services make sure you know what you want.

4. Find out if the company is licensed and insured. DO NOT work with individuals. You are carrying all the risk! Very dangerous, also find out how long the company has been in business.

5. If you are approached by a cleaning person to work on the side, contact the company immediately. Remember you get what you pay for if a person is willing to lie to get business on the side, what will they do with your valuables? Be clear on house cleaning service rates.

6. Communicate, this is the major area! Make sure your are speaking with the maid service and that if you have issues you work them out together.

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Why Hiring a Maid Service Is Better Than an Individual

Hiring residential cleaning services may be one of the best decisions you make for yourself. You need more time to do the things you want to do instead of cleaning appliances and bathrooms. The good news is that you can find a wide range of help available. You could hire an individual to handle the work for you. On the other hand, turning to a larger company may be a better option. For many individuals it makes the process incredibly easy and definitely worthwhile. What is right for your situation?

You Don't Worry About the Background Check

One of the reasons to turn to a maid service is because you do not have to worry about doing the background check on the individual. That's done for you. You know that the individual who comes into your home has already been vetted and is someone safe to be there. This also applies to the training of the individual. Just knowing that this person has ample training and the background to do a good job can help you to feel better about hiring them. You don't have to spend time training them. It is done for you.

A maid service may be more affordable, easier to work with and far more effective. There are many reasons to hire someone to do the work for you, but you may not want to do the actual work of finding an individual to work with on your own.

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